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    I tried Spatone for a week, and maybe I was impatient and hoping to feel better sooner, I decided to look at the strength of iron on the box, and it's much less than the iron tablets I was prescribed (ferrous fumarate), so I went back on the iron tablets again.

    I noticed an improvement after a few days. Just a shame they cause side effects of upset tummy etc. Maybe I didn't give the Spatone long enough, but I'm guessing it's suitable only for very mild anaemia.

    If you get upset tummy etc. would be worth checking with your doctor how much you can take over the recommended dose.


    I started taking spatone recently, made me feel sick, so I have bought the original without vitamin C today to see if that is any better, would be interested to know as well. What happened is – about two hours after taking it my stomach started to do somersaults and gurgle then I began to feel very nauseous, also woke up in the night twice feeling the same. I have gastritis so have a super-delicate stomach, I think it was the added Vit C that did it as it is acidic.


    Depends on how severely anaemic you are. I was taking 3 a day, and it did nothing for me
    Its only 5mg iron per sachet. This is all trial and error. If you're taking only one sachet, it's better to increase it to 2 sachets after consulting with your GP. 

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