How & Why Epsom Salt Baths Cause Throbbing Tooth Pain & How to Treat It?

I got my tooth filled in a few months back. Now it has severe pain and would not go away. Someone told me that it’s because of calcium and Mag connection. In short, if I take any magnesium supplement or Epsom salt bath, my tooth throbs. However, Calcium lactate takes the pain away.

Last week I floated in a sensory deprivation tank with 1000lbs of Epsom salt for 90 mins. I’m an idiot because I forgot about my tooth. I didn’t have any pain in so long I forgot. What is this magnesium connection and what can I do now? The pain has only increased since my last bath. Any thoughts?

Edit: I did 3 Epsom salt flushes, each 3 days apart. Out of nowhere my left side of my jaw hurts. It feels like every tooth hurts. I could be fine all day then it starts hurting right before dinner every night since it started. Last night was the worst so far. I oil pulled, took CS, probiotics and lymph drainage. My left nostril became so dry that it hurt. I put CS in there. I’ve been fine all day, but it’ll soon be dinnertime again. I stopped taking the flushes since this pain really feels like it came because of them. I couldn’t use ice, it hurt. I’ve taken tons of magnesium and plenty of pink Himalayan salt flushes, but I will no longer do Epsom salt flushes and never float!

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    Take lots of raw garlic, either cut up and put on food or cut up and take by spoon with water – as often as you can stand, you will stink like garlic, but it is a natural antibiotic so it will help if there is an infection, etc.

    Take alfalfa tablets again, you may need to take quite a few, but this strengthens your teeth and takes the pain away (at least for my family it works). I have heard of using bentonite clay too, but I have never tried, so you may research that.

    Get a good vitamin. I also really love the homeopathic Bioplasma, it is a combination of all twelve cell salts and is great for teeth, as well as I think its #2 Calc. phos. 6x also homeopathic stuff.

    Get a good toothpaste – I use ‘doTERRA On Guard’ and like it a lot. Good luck – tooth pain is the worst I hope you get some relief soon!


      Thanks for all the info. But there is no infection, was checked today. We brush with bentonite clay daily. Its related to a tight TMJ muscle in the jaw.


    One theory I have for why tooth pain is brought on by magnesium while taken away by calcium is that the two have to be in a particular balance, and you are likely low enough on both so that smaller changes in either cause bigger upset in the ratio and more noticeable result.

    Magnesium also can help kick off more detox which in turn further depletes whatever trace minerals you may have been ok on and may cause pain that way as well. My guess at what to try if it was me would be to take calcium with Vit D and Vit K2 for a bit without magnesium baths/supplements and then try doing an Epsom bath at home and add trace minerals to your supplements.

    I would not swear off magnesium, it is essential and constantly depleted, I would try changing more things (possibly with professional guidance?) to see if you can get to where magnesium no longer brings the pain on.

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    I had a bad tooth that was infected. It hurt so bad. I started oil pulling and taking a large dose of vitamin C and multivitamins to help my immune system. After oil pulling once to twice a day, it took the pain away almost immediately. It even helped draw the infection out. I had to pull it later since the tooth was too far gone but it kept me pain-free for months and no abscesses since.


    Is it just the tooth that hurts or your whole jaw/face? I had Trigeminal Neuralgia once and thought I had a toothache but it was so painful I couldn’t function.


      The typical sign of nerve in a tooth dying is actually by definition pain of that entire side that cannot be localized to a single tooth with ease.

      Trigeminal neuralgia is certainly a valid diagnosis, but whether it feels like a tooth or an area hurts or not isn’t a good way of determining it.

      Good thought though.


    Ok, so I’ve figured it mostly out.

    The Epsom salt triggered tooth pain, took the Cal per experience. The pain increased. Clove oil didn’t work.

    A friend suggested sweating to detox and then replenish with electrolytes, took a very hot bath and sweated profusely. Never have I sweated so much so easily! Within 30 mins my face pain became manageable. By 90 mins the pain went from a 10 to like 3.5.

    Went to dentist, come to find out they suspect TMJ. In short, calcium causes muscles to contract, so when I took the Cal, the pain left the tooth though. I didn’t realize it because my whole jaw was throbbing, but then it caused my TMJ to contract. Sure enough no Cal today so barely any pain by tonight! They gave me steroids for 6 days… I’m wondering if I should take them now.

    I know I need to get my minerals balanced, but I’m just not sure where to start.


    In school, I was taught that Epsom salt is good if not overdone. No more than 3 a week. That’s bathtub size. The reason given is magnesium sulfate has a pulling property. It can leach minerals from your bones/body.

    You did a float tank filled with Epsom salts, now from working on TMJ and having it. TMJ can cause all types of symptoms! So tooth and face pain is not out of the scope. Your bite should have been checked. But if it’s off by a millimeter, it will cause lots of pain. Just like calcium and potassium work on our muscles so does potassium and sodium.

    You have something called potassium & sodium pump in the body that helps the two exchange the cell wall. Without proper ratios, your muscles can’t contract and relax properly. You may have leached too much of more than one group of essentials from your soak.

    You might want blood work to see exactly where you are. Steroids are to help reduce inflammation but so can any, said neuropsychiatric. Are you familiar with how steroids will affect you? They affect my TMJ negatively, but I am a clincher naturally.


      Thanks. Yeah, I have noticed taking an adrenal cocktail of O.J., cream of tartar and salt seems to make the Cal and Mag synthesize more efficiently. They’ve checked my bite and adjusted it once. I was fitted for a night guard today.


    Have you seen a cranial osteopath or TMJ alternative person? Magnesium relaxes muscles, and I wonder if Calcium tightens them… so if you have an issue in your jaw alignment loosening, it may create pain as it pulls on ligaments and jaw structure. It is a theory… not sure if it is correct.


    I had crazy pain after filling for a week or so, went back to the dentist without an appointment. They got me in immediately. Another doctor checked it out and had to take a lot of filling off since it was too big. Once she polished it off, the pain was gone immediately.

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