Where to Find a Holistic Dentist for Molar Hypomineralisation?

I’m seeking knowledge in relation to my son (6yrs) who has molar hypomineralisation. Can anyone recommend a holistic dentist in Townsville? He has never had a cavity or required any dental work but from what I have read, I can’t repair his teeth naturally. What are your thoughts?

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    Molar hypomineralisation is honestly a problem we know very little about, in terms of what causes it. As it very often effects the front couple of teeth and the 6-year-old molar, which both develop and come in at similar times, the suspicion is it's some sort of developmental disturbance around the time they are developing.

    The issue is malformed enamel. Not demineralised or decayed or anything – just not fully formed: so you can't rebuild something that never existed.

    It's more prone to decay, so oral hygiene should be excellent to try to prevent that. If it breaks down or gets decay, your best option to save the tooth is a crown. This is because fillings stick to enamel and they won't stick to malformed enamel very well. That said, this depends on the degree of hypomineralisation – it's not too bad that fillings might still work.

    Depending on other plans, such as braces, etc., some opt to eventually pull badly hypomineralized teeth and let other teeth take their space, but that's a very specific plan and requires specific circumstances and severely compromised teeth.

    I also heard that in the US, there is some scepticism from dentists that it's a real thing (admittedly this was told to me by a couple of Aussie orthodontists who know some US dentists and were bemused that the US counterparts were sceptical) so you may or may not have some argument on what it is and how to fix it.


      Thank you for your answer, particularly with the info regarding crowns vs fillings. I suspect that it is related to multiple ear infections, which required repeated courses of antibiotics. That said, we have spent the last two years rebuilding his gut health.

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