What to do with an Old Root Canal? Can it cause Infections?

What is everyone’s take on the root canal? I found out recently that I have had a root canal on my front tooth (what I thought was an implant) from 30+ years ago. I talked to 2 dentists that say it looks good and shouldn’t disturb it. It’s a front tooth so I can’t just have it pulled.

When I was 17 I had a bicycle accident resulting in broken front teeth, so the tooth in question had a root canal done, but all this time I thought it was an implant.

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    The tooth is dead, dead tissue with a coil sitting in your gums. I had one a few years ago; the tooth went grey, my gums eventually turned into jelly, bone disease set in, the teeth either side of the root canal started growing sideways and outwards. All my teeth were sitting in mushy jelly gums.

    Dentists only offered fluoride treatment, which I refused as I wouldn’t even drink fluoridated water as its industrial waste and full of chemicals and heavy metals. After I had replaced all my toxic silver fillings, I decided my only option to allow for my gums and me to heal from an autoimmune disorder; graves disease was to get all my top teeth out… which I did.

    My tooth was my top front tooth. I just had all my bottom teeth removed, graves disease gone, normal thyroid tests. Look into other options, but please have it removed, most people with cancer have a root canal and or silver fillings.

    They are toxic to your entire body. Good luck getting a dentist to remove it too, I had to go to extremes removing all of mine as it was too expensive for a bandaid solution only to end up removing them anyway, no dentist would do it. Save them if you can, detox, but remove the root canal.


      Mine is also a top front tooth. The options I have been given are: leave it alone $0, replace the crown and partially ‘redo’ the root canal (recommended by dentist) $1300, or a dental implant $4000 which means taking everything out of there and putting the implant in, waiting 6 months then putting in the porcelain tooth. They also want to charge me $1000 for a temporary fake, so I don’t look like a hillbilly for six months.

      I am 50 years old btw and have had skin cancers, one on my face I have salved 19 times. I have looked into my teeth situation, as someone suggested that something must be ‘feeding ‘ the skin cancer on my face.


    If you can get it removed. If not then use Thieves essential oil, a Good Waterpik to keep your gums healthy and Coconut pull 2 times a day.


      I can get it removed, just trying to discern what is best to do. Dentists are saying to leave it. Would you use the Thieves EO directly on the gum?


    DON’T DO IT unless you plan to remove your tooth. Once the root is removed, your tooth dies and starts decaying. The gases will be absorbed into your gums resulting in potentially serious health issues down the road. There are other natural ways to cure your tooth.


      Ways such as? you can not cure a tooth once the nerve has died .. they don’t usually root canal unless the nerve has already died. What ways would you suggest to cure a dead tooth?

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