How to Get Rid of Inflammation & Itching on Legs Naturally at Home?

These bumps are itchy at times. Have them only on my legs. Right now they are so itchy and inflamed because I shaved my legs. I’ve been to many derms over the years and have used creams for psoriasis and eczema, and some have worked a little. Can anyone help me make these go away naturally or tell me exactly what they are?

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    Even dermatologist cannot tell you precisely what that is, to diagnose rush is close to impossible, they just throw at you some cream, and that is it. To me this is cause this way – shaving during or after the shower when pores are open, and bacteria that are typically on the skin sips in causing inflammation and redness. Use colloidal silver on it, just spray and apply calendula gel cream to calm this down or aloe vera, both are good depending what you have at home.

    You can prevent this from happening by using witch hazel before and after shaving and some colloidal silver as well. This will go away if it is due to what I suspect it to be from.

    Although that can also happen in the winter when pores open and bacteria sips in any way, the treatment is the same.


      It isn’t from shaving. Yes, it’s more red etc. when I shave, but this is a constant skin issue that comes and goes — been since I was a kid. My dad has problems with it too. I’ve been using silver on it, and it hasn’t helped at all ????.


    This looks exactly like what I have been dealing with! I just recently got relief by going through two liver cleanses and I continue to take the liver cleanse formula from Nature’s Sunshine. You can order it online. This is the only thing that has helped!

    Also, I found that going organic as much as possible and especially going GMO-free!! 
    My doctor and my chiropractor both told me to cut all grains for a while. This has definitely helped and a side benefit, I’ve lost about 15 pounds since I started!


      Interesting. I will try that! I do eat mostly organic and non-GMO. I will try to cut grains. Thanks so much.

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