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    Candida is a fungus. Antibiotics will not do a thing to candida, but it will kill off other flora in the body, allowing more room for the candida to grow.

    Are you sure she wasn't prescribed an antifungal drug?


      It's an antibiotic called Xifaxan – It is supposed to treat IBS.


        But Xifaxan is not for candida. It could make the candida worse as it’s slowly destroying the microbiome.  That’s for SIBO. If that’s what he’s treating, it works great.


    Oregano oil will do it. Rub it on the areas, but dilute well with fractionated coconut oil or any carrier oil. Oregano is a hot oil and will burn if applied by itself. I put 5 drops in a gel tab and ate it every night for 2 months. It has to be internal to kill Candida. It can also be used topically to treat thrush.


      Need to take probiotics alongside most plant oils. They can help relieve symptoms, but for someone perfectly healthy (not many people) they act as antibiotics and kill good bacteria too. They're a double-edged sword. Staying healthy requires constant maintenance. 


    Have you tried virgin coconut oil? I had ringworm from gardening, and coconut oil applied a few times a day after a warm shower, especially, took the fungal infection away. Just make sure it is unrefined.


    I would make a solution of borax and water to wash her face with and keep coconut oil on it. The solution could even have the magnesium in it. Make the solution light. Then apply coconut oil. Magnesium would help too.


    If she was given Xifaxin then she has a possible bacterial overgrowth – that's the drug usually given for SIBO. Xifaxin stays In the small intestinal and is not absorbed into your body; In addition to the antibiotic because she has Candida, hence she needs an antifungal like Nystatin at the same time or the Candida will get worse.

    Did she do a 3 hour breathe test? If it's SIBO you need to know which kind in order to treat it (methane and hydrogen are treated differently).


      I will check into it, however, she was not diagnosed with SIBO.


        65% of IBS cases are undiagnosed SIBO. Have her do the 3 hours breathe test for it to rule it out before she takes anything. Its to test for small intestine bacterial overgrowth. You drink a lactulose drink and blow into a bag every 30 minutes; it tests your hydrogen and methane levels.

        A gastroenterologist can order it. I live in NY not sure how easy it is to get or to find a doctor who believes in Leaky Gut / Candida / SIBO. May need a functional doctor / Naturopath. You can now also order it yourself online and do it in your house.


    Saccharomyces Boulardii Probiotics fight yeast overgrowth (Candida). Antibiotics are the last thing she needs IMO. Build up the good probiotic bugs and starve the bad ones. Something she's eating is causing her IBS / Inflammation. 

    Do an elimination diet to find out what foods cause her discomfort. It's almost always a combo of dairy, grains (mainly wheat but sometimes all grains), sugar, corn and soy. Enzymes and HCl will also help her digestion. 

    Magnesium Glycinate and a quality CBD will calm gut cramps and inflammation. Find a functional medicine doctor instead.


    Antibiotics don't heal Candida and will make it worse! No sugar, no processed food (and likely no dairy). Do DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and humaworm to get rid of parasites, add homemade milk kefir and homemade sauerkraut, NOT store-bought, they are dead products.

    Digestive enzymes are good. When she has reflux don't take tums or antacid, instead, try Milk of Magnesia at a dose that doesn't cause loose stools. A friend of mine with GERD just tried this and said it's magical.


    I got a horrible overgrowth of Candida on my face after a six-week course of antibiotics. I tried for months to get rid of it. Oil of oregano, olive leaf, you name it. Nothing touched it till I finally started taking 1 Tbsp coconut oil by mouth every morning and evening. It was gone in a few weeks!


    When I was 19, I have diagnosed with IBS as well as a systemic yeast infection. They noticed the Candida in my mouth, which made the doctor look at other things, hence the systemic diagnosis. The antibiotics prescribed made me feel like I was going to die, and I was supposed to take them for eight weeks! I went and saw my very first naturopath.

    I was taken off carbohydrates (because they turn into sugar), as well as any refined sugar, and very little fruit. It was almost a diabetic diet. I used grapefruit seed extract, 20 drops a day, three times a day, along with that diet for two months. The more Candida and other symptoms went away. Later I did a super easy parasite cleanse; I no longer have IBS.


      It is great that you were able to treat your symptoms naturally. Did you naturopath prescribe the parasite cleanse and do you remember what it consisted of?


        They did not. I did a ton of research on IBS and found a study buried on the internet where a doctor tested all her IBS patients and found out 85% of them actually had intestinal parasites.

        The cleanse is used in the islands, and I even used it to get rid of salmonella! It's just papaya seed and local honey. Papaya can be tough to find out of season, but it's worth the wait. I tried a bunch of other papaya products, and nothing else worked. Not going to lie, it's hard to get down, but the results are worth it.


    Antibiotics are terrible for candida! In fact, they can cause Candida by killing the bacteria in the gut, which allows the bad bacteria to grow and crowd outgrowth of good bacteria.

    Try enzymes like Candex or Biofase, probiotics specially made to crowd out candida like Profase. Take antifungals like Pau D'Arco tea, and NAC to attack the biofilm candida builds to protect itself.

    There is so much you can do! Watch the diet, no sugar or carbs, lots of good fats like coconut oil (which also attacks candida). Also, boron and DE help a lot.

    One more thing, candida attaches itself to the colon wall. Its long tentacles bore into the colon causing leaky gut, holes in the colon where food proteins like milk and gluten pass-thru and enter the bloodstream where they don't belong.

    This results in allergies, bloating, acne, lots of issues whenever these proteins are consumed. To make matters worse, the immune system now identifies these proteins as foreign invaders and taxes you further making you more susceptible to cold and illness.

    Colostrum-LD by Sovereign Labs works wonders for the immune system and heals leaky gut. I suggest you not start this until you know the candida is being killed off by other treatments.

    When the candida dies, you are most definitely left with holes in the colon that need healing. It's great for energy too.

    You might also try Colon Hydrotherapy from a licensed doctor to clean the colon out after you've been killing it with assorted treatments. Candida can change in different ways to protect itself from treatments, so one thing alone will likely not work.

    Keep adding new treatments every few weeks and stick with it. It's hard to overcome but well worth it!

    Here's is something else to keep in mind. Candida feeds off sugar! That means carbs too, cause they break down to sugar. Starchy veggies such as carrots and potatoes, etc. will feed candida due to their sugar/carb content.

    Eliminate these from the diet. If you don't, you will be feeding the candida while trying to kill it; the net result will be candida that is stronger and resistant to the treatment you are giving it. It will also result in more die-off, which could mean more pain from toxins.

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      Thank you. Would you mind pointing me in the direction of what DE is all about?


        That is Diatomaceous Earth, food grade only. It helps cleanse the colon where candida lives; it soaks up toxins that can cause pain as a result of candida die-off. As candida dies, it releases toxins that can cause aches and pains. It's made of silica, something our body needs — so many good things about DE. See a naturopath MD; you will be much better served!


          Thanks so much! I am going to start researching naturopaths. Is there any danger in using DE?


            I don't think so. It's part of Morley's magnesium protocol. Check out website. They have some great info about it. Then look on amazon, they carry it.

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