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    Slice raw potatoes and rub slices on the skin. or apply apple cider vinegar to all burned areas, followed by an oatmeal bath. If it burns, dilute the ACV. You can mix it with a bit of water in a spray bottle.

    Another alternative: I have a mixture of aloe oil and Coconut oil I use. Warm the oils just to liquid then Rub on LIGHTLY, then wear a T-shirt overnight.

    Vinegar before baths, Aloe from the plant, sometimes a tea bath helps soothe the burn. My mom used to make an oatmeal paste and applied it to burn!!

    Also, you can put the oats finely ground up in bath water! It’s a milky look in the tub!! Hope you find something that helps!!

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    Store aloe gel in the fridge and apply several times a day. My son and I are very fair skin, red hair blue eyes. We burn even with sunscreen, cold aloe feels like heaven and helps heal the burn!


    Raw vinegar, raw from the plant aloe and plenty of hydration. Vinegar will help pull the burn out but I have found that the pulp from an aloe plant refrigerated, helps best for the first couple nights for sleeping.

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