How to Bring Fever Level Down of an Infant Quickly at Home Naturally?

My son, three months old & 14lbs, has a fever again today. Yesterday he had projectile vomited twice and had diarrhea. I took a cool shower with him so I could nurse him in the shower in hopes he’d keep it down, which he did, but being I’m sunburnt and only added heat to him I put him in his bath and let him hang out for about 30-45 minutes. We were out in the heat, but in the shade, for about 3 hours on Wednesday so I’ve kept him inside in the air conditioning and fans. Any idea on what I can do for him to keep this fever away? He’s still smiling and eating. So far today he hasn’t puked.

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    Place Cool wet cloth/ towel on his forehead IF he is cranky and does not feel good because of the fever. But, as it is said, fever is actually a friend, not a foe, because higher temperature kills bacteria or virus that caused the sickness.

    For teething, I have given mine a licorice root (a real piece of wooden root) to chew on.


      I got him cooled again with keeping a cool cloth on his head/belly. By the time I found the thermometer and under his arm, it was 98.9. We just moved so a lot of our stuff is still in boxes. He’s got a tooth trying to come in on the bottom so he has been drooling a lot. My daughter never puked as my son did, so it kinda freaked me out.


    Lots if cool Pedialyte. Keep him hydrated. Tepid baths. If his temp gets over q100. Maybe give a dose of infant Tylenol… generic brand. If he’s teething, give him a strap of leather from the freezer to chew on. And use Orajel for babies… if it’s his ears and they’re red. He might need to get checked out, it’s very common for babies to get ear infections.


    From heat to air conditioning and fans (think of all the draft) you just risk getting him sicker. He is only three months old; people forget how fragile a baby’s system is. A cool cloth on the forehead should be enough. You can also moisten his socks with vinegar. The best way to address a stubborn fever at three months old is by seeing his doctor. Children are fragile and often decompensate easily.


    Next time your son’s fever is elevated, soak 7 washcloths in a bowl of cool (not cold) water. Wring them out fairly well (not dripping, though). Fold twice lengthwise and wrap one on each ankle and wrist, one on back of his neck, another across the forehead. Wait 2 minutes and start removing, re-soaking and putting them back on. Check temp every 5 minutes, it will drop quickly.

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