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    Take DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide), diluted to a 50%-70% concentration, depending upon your preference (higher concentrations can feel itchy to some). Either spray or wipe it on, in an area extending 6″ around where it hurts. You can also buy DMSO pre-diluted to a 70% concentration in GEL or cream form. In Japan, DMSO is most commonly available at feed stores and pet supply shops. Anywhere they sell horse supplies.


    I’ve just started on colloidal gold (40 ppm) for three days & my back pain has disappeared. I guess it depends on why your back is causing problems. For me, it is muscular, not skeletal so the colloidal silver seems to have helped. Best part, I started taking it for other reasons, improved back health was a surprise bonus.


    If your back pain is not due to an injury, pinched nerves or slipped discs, magnesium flakes mixed up with vodka, or what other people calls Mag-a-hol, works wonders. Sorted out my back pain that’s niggling for umpteen years. We use Mag-a-hol for anything that’s tight, irritable, crampy or stiff – be it a body part or mood – apparently is a sign of magnesium deficiency.

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      Magnesium does work wonders. I make magnesium oil and blend it with DMSO for a pain spray. The Mag-a-hol should blend with the DMSO just as well, but with either mixture, DMSO is the key to increased penetration. Just in case, if you can’t find flakes in Japan, then for now use the bath salts in distilled water plus DMSO. Magnesium chloride usually absorbs better than the magnesium sulfate in Epsom salts, but the DMSO will help compensate for that as well.


        Yes, It’s hard to find magnesium flakes here in Japan.


          You can try the iherb website. The mag chloride flakes are sourced from the Zechstein salt bed which is apparently, the purest form there is. You will be totally surprised by the wonders of Mag-a-hol.

          Just mix 10 parts cheap vodka (with at least 40% alcohol content) with 8 parts of magnesium chloride flakes.

          We use it for back pain, stiff necks, stop the runny nose, mosquito bites, warts, boils, acne, better sleep, pre and post sports rub on all the muscles (performs better during and no soreness after sports), migraines etc.

          When needed, I rubbed that on my son’s chest to stop his crouping cough in 5 minutes (magnesium will relax the air passageways). But the cough will come back when it wears off sometime later. At least he gets to sleep.

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