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    First of all, use warm compresses of Chamomile. Dump a clean cotton piece into warm chamomile tea, and let it rest on your eyelid until it cools down. Next, if you have an aloe vera plant, cut a small piece of it and use the gel on your eyelid. It shrinks the chalazion, and you'll be feeling much better soon. I've done these two a hundred times.

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      Thanks so much!! Yes, I have a few aloe vera at home. That's excellent and hopeful as I never got one before. So the aloe gel shall I put it outside my eyelids or Inside?


        Not inside. On your eyelids and eyelashes. No make-up for a few days, and use some mild baby shampoo to wash your eyes with twice a day. Also, the chalazion can be contagious, so make sure that you don't share your face towel with anyone.

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