How Do I Stop Hair Loss During Pregnancy Naturally at Home?

Hair loss, please help me. I am 34, and I’m balding. I believed it was the Mirena, which still could have been, but had that removed six months ago. I don’t take any medications at all. Dr suggested rogaine for women, which is a lot of chemicals, and I declined, especially since I’m still breastfeeding my baby (21mos). He said it should hit a point where it’ll quit thinning, but what if that is totally bald? He acted like women don’t bald to nothing like men, but that doesn’t make me feel better. I don’t dye my hair (haven’t since 2011), I don’t use heat devices (like a straightener) other than maybe once a month and rarely that often. Any shampoos, conditioners, oils (I use coconut), specific vitamins I should look for? Please!

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    Age is NOT a factor in this. Get yourself checked out, inside, outside and in between. Check out He Shou Wu (sounds like Hee Shoo WOO) which is a popular herbal remedy, common in traditional Chinese medicine. Also, since you are breastfeeding. Please be sure you are eating enough! Fresh, clean water, plenty of good quality proteins and fats. ASK for your thyroid panel results and do your research from there. I’m also losing hair like crazy! Here’s the list of test you should get done at earliest:

    • Complete Thyroid test Panel:
    • TSH test
    • Free T4/free thyroxine
    • Total T4/total thyroxine/serum thyroxine
    • Total t3/total triiodothyronine
    • Free t3/free triiodothyronine
    • T3 resin uptake (T3RU)
    • Thyroglobulin/TG
    • Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Antibodies (TPOAb) / Antithyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

    Also, ask for

    • MTHFR
    • Vitamin D
    • Ferritin
    • Progesterone
    • Testosterone
    • DHEA-S
    • Blood lipid profile
    • A1C
    • Fasting 3hr GTT with corresponding hourly insulin draws

    GET YOUR RESULTS. DO NOT take their word for it that you are fine, or that your labs are fine.


      They tested my thyroid and a couple of other things. The doctor said my levels were normal. This was while I had the Mirena. Because of the normal tests, he said it was likely the Mirena and to have it removed, so I had it removed the next week. That was in a few months back.


        Normal doesn't mean optimal. Hence the other tests that go into more detail. Bioresonance is great. And eye reading will give you more idea too.


    You should see an endocrinologist and have them check all your hormone levels. An endocrinologist is a doctor specialising in the endocrine system – the system that controls all the hormones in your body (including thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, etc.). Especially since you say you recently had the Mirena and are currently breastfeeding, your hormones may be out of whack which may be causing the hair loss. Good luck, and don't lose hope!


    You may get into "real" trouble with Rogaine by severe debilitating side effects. Escape household chemicals. All "goods" for hair acting the same way, what is a time we are living – parabens, sulphates, fragrances especially!

    To eschew from all of this what you can't even pronounce reading – throw the ingredients of hair products. Don't worry to shampoo for your hair. You may simply from time to time wash it with soda (bicarbonate natrium), apple cider vinegar.

    For rinsing, for beautiful color, you may use the skin of onion water extract (collect it in the water jar, bring to boil and let it stay). Don't wash your hair often, quality of water most important; it must be pure. Then colder water, the better for the scalp.

    If you use onion use it cold, add one drop of geranium (peppermint/rosemary/lemon) essential oil, don't wrap your head, let it air. Definitely, even without any tests, your hormones are in the state of chaos. It's natural for the time where you are.

    I would not spend money on these tests and appointments. You can do it naturally internally and externally. Many many things you may improve, but first is the warning about the chemical disruptors in the home environment, in a cosmetic product, just in ALL PRODUCTS we may avoid and use SIMPLE things without side effects.

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