How to Treat Body Cramps Caused in Colder Climates Naturally?

When I get chilly, especially in the evening, my body cramps up, and I get a very uneasy feeling inside. I’ve never had a seizure, but it feels like something that would happen before one, from what people describe. I’m basically cold intolerant, and I don’t even mean COLD. I mean 65 degrees or less.

Even my breathing passages seem to get slightly more paralyzed. I am seeing doctors all across the board, but I know that the experience of others is often much more educational, especially since the doctors are basically saying “we don’t know” or “let’s focus on other symptoms first” ( yes, there are many more, yes I’m trying my best.)

My father is also cold intolerant for the last two years. He cramps up and sometimes can’t move his limbs. It’s weird. No diagnosis there either.

Yes, we’ve considered Lyme and mold, but I’m looking for anyone who may have practical advice. I want to visit family in a colder climate, and I’m basically terrified. Does anyone have any experience with this type of symptom specifically? I know I need to be eating right and seeing a chiro and a doctor, and a holistic doctor, etc., but any other ideas?

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    It can be a lot to do with circulation in the body; which might be related to diet and if you are having enough warming foods. You could try some warming spices such as ginger, fresh grated ginger or ginger powder can warm the body. Also, add some chilies and spices in cooking food.
    Taking a multivitamin or Vitamin B might help – especially B3 or niacin supplement will flush and warm the skin and is called a niacin flush.


      Cinnamon is a warming food as well! Niacin flushes hurt though! I’ve gotten itchy splotches/hives twice from niacin flushes.

      Apricots can help temperature sensitivities. Dried without sulfur, or fresh. I eat them. Also, I rub my arms to improve friction.


        Well, it’s probably from using a bit too much of niacin. I use half and quarter tablets. The more you do it, the fewer problems you will see. You need to start with less niacin and use a bit more over time. It will also bring out radiation and sunburn in the skin, so some flushes will look exactly like a sunburn you had in the past if you look in a mirror. It’s not well known, and over time, maybe after a few years of having niacin flush,  you will not get much sunburn from being in the sun.


    Do you feel like the air is thinner and you're not getting enough oxygen? I take Chlorophyll – not often enough, but I feel the difference in my breathing when I take it. It also increases red blood cells and oxygen flow.

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