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    I get this sometimes…It is yeast. My OB-Gyn diagnosed it and told me to use Lotrimin powder. It works every time and clears it right up and calms the itch right away.

    A less expensive more natural response is… MoM TO THE RESCUE! If you have some pure (no additives) Milk of Magnesia around, it is worth it to experiment and try it as I did and it worked!

    Place undiluted Milk of Magnesia on fingers, then dab onto the rashed area after a shower. Do not be afraid to use lots, it's going to dry into a white like powder that you leave there and then put your clothes on. Do this in the morning, every morning, and you will notice a difference right away.

    You will not need to do anything else, just use as I directed once a day and you will most likely see a difference & great relief I'd say!


      Milk of Magnesia is so perfect to use for this issue. I have a leftover rash that will probably never go away because it was 'inspired' due to a bout of shingles I had many years ago. I use MoM every morning on the rash area after my shower… let it dry and dress as usual. The rash has disappeared with constant preventative use… but if I forget to use it, within a day or so, the itching and rash reappear. So I use daily.


        Aniya is right. It sounds like yeast. Also, go to a shop or departmental store that specializes in bra fitting, so that you can get the perfect sized bra if that is a problem. I was B-cup C-cup until I decided to get fitted and realized I was a double D cup. Live in comfort!!!


    A very simple fix – place a dry paper towel between her breast and the rash this will break the contact of both skin touching and will stop it. Also when she bathes she can add 2cups of Epson salt and about a cup of baking soda. Get her to mix a bit of soda in her hands while she's in the tub, then rinse it off.


    I also get this and using PURE Papaya Ointment helped me always. It heals fast and provides a barrier from the moisture. Just be sure to get a pure one and not one based on petroleum.


    The only thing that works for me is a good probiotic. I use the garden of life. It cleared up in less than a week. I had the same problem under my breasts and on my toes. Plus, it made the skin around my fingernails die. Everything is cleared up.


    Get some paper towels and soak them with apple cider vinegar, place them there each night for about 5-10 minutes until gone. It shouldn't take more than three nights. Also, use Milk of Magnesia on it during the day. Wear a clean bra every day.


    I had this once, and the doctor advised using Selsun shampoo, the medicated one in the yellow bottle. I spread a little bit on it with a cotton ball every day. It worked and had never returned for 20+ yrs.

    • Use a cool vinegar rag! With Neosporin on after followed by no bra at night and a long sock under my breasts under the bra band through the day change them.

    • All natural apple cider vinegar and a drop or two of tea tree oil. Gets rid of any fungus. Remember that moisture is a fungus’s best friend so if she can go braless as much as possible that will get air to the area. Fungus hates air!

    I would only use an anti fungal powder… nothing with moisture. Been there, done that. Also, make sure she washes her bras daily. Ironing the area of the bra that comes in contact with the fungal infection should help kill the fungus on the bra. This is after washing.


    I'm a DDD. I get this every year when it gets hot. Here's the fastest cure I have found:

    1. Wash/bleach bras, then put in the freezer to kill the fungus.
    2. Get athletes foot spray (Lotrimin) spray under boobs 2xs a day for 3 days. 
    3. After shower or when hot, corn starch under the breasts. 

    Home remedies work too, but this is the fastest way to get rid of it & get relief. 🙂


    I would recommend a two-step approach, besides soaking bra in diluted vinegar mix, I'd also spend two weeks detoxing my under-breasts area with Organic vinegar (important to use vinegar with the Milk of Magnesia in it)… before putting on the bra and after taking it off.

    1. Douse Organic vinegar onto cloth/paper towel, etc. generously under-breasts and armpits, let it dry, then…

    2. Generously apply Milk of Magnesia to both under-breasts area and armpits. Let it dry.

    Then put a clean/dry bra on for the day. Believe me; I tried only the Milk of Magnesia step and heat rash kept coming back until I did the organic vinegar/detox step. It will sting depending on the severity of the rash.


    Most Drs consider that yeast infection. Mine was soo bad that the Dr. put me on medication. If the area is open, I will not use powder. I often go and use long cotton tube socks and put them under both breasts to keep them dry and it will also aerate. I have also used Vagisil & Anti Monkey Butt cream with success. 


      Anti Monkey Butt is great stuff for preventing yeast but to get rid of it; you should require an antifungal as mentioned above.


    Lotrimin AF Jock Itch Powder Spray – Miconazole Nitrate 2%. After a shower, dry the area and use this spray. The powder will dry quickly, and medication will eventually alleviate the problem. Your mom should wear a clean, cotton bra every day. Once the problem is alleviated, on a daily basis – she should clean the area with Hydrogen Peroxide on a cotton makeup pad. Once dry, use corn starch powder. 

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